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Property Damage From Explosions Lawyer

Property damage from explosions can occur in a wide variety of ways. Not only are areas in immediate proximity to the explosion damaged, but explosion damage could also extend well beyond the blast location. Explosions can damage properties nearby, including other homes, businesses, and vehicles. If your property has been damaged due to an explosion, contact the Doan Law Firm today. Our explosion property damage attorneys will investigate your claim and work to secure full compensation.

Choose the Doan Law Firm for Property Damage From Explosion Claims

After sustaining property damage due to an explosion, you need help from an attorney with extensive experience handling this type of case. Let the Doan Law Firm help you today.

  • With locations in more than 40 cities throughout the US, the Doan Law Firm is one of the largest and most respected terms with a vast explosion case experience and is well-positioned to help.
  • We have extensive resources that we can bring to your case to conduct a thorough investigation, which will include determining the cause of the explosion, properly calculating property damage losses, and negotiating with all parties involved for a fair settlement.
  • We ensure that every client has access to their attorney throughout the entirety of their case to answer any questions or concerns.

Property Damage From Explosions Can Be Severe

Explosion Accidents can occur in a variety of ways and damage property. This includes the following:

Explosives are also regularly used in construction taking place in and around commercial and residential areas. This can include road construction work, building site preparation, construction of gas lines and water lines, the installation of utility lines, and more.

Regardless of how an explosion occurs, companies and workers are required to follow state and federal regulations to help prevent these incidents from happening. Unfortunately, careless or negligent operations and training often result in explosion incidents.

When an explosion occurs, the damage is not limited to the perimeter of the area immediately adjacent to the incident. The force of an explosion will push outward and send debris flying in many directions. This can damage nearby businesses, homes, and vehicles. One of the most common types of property damage caused by an explosion is damage to nearby roofs and walls.

However, explosions can also cause other types of property damage that are not as easy to identify. For example, depending on the type of explosion that occurred, the adjacent property could be contaminated with various toxins or hazardous chemicals that are released into the air when the explosion occurs. This can adversely affect the water and ground quality of the nearby property.

How Much Compensation is Available For Property Damage Due to Explosion Claims?

The total amount of compensation available in property damage from explosion claims will vary depending on the specific factors surrounding each particular incident. Businesses that are damaged will typically turn to business interruption claims, and homeowners can take legal action to reclaim money spent repairing their homes as well as the costs spent to accommodate temporary living conditions. Under most circumstances, if it can be proven the damage to the property was caused by an explosion, then you will be able to take legal action to recover compensation. The explosion property damage attorneys at the Doan Law Firm are ready to help with your case today. You can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 800-349-0000.