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[Update] Nearly Two Dozen People Injured in Downtown Fort Worth Hotel Explosion

Posted on January 9, 2024 in

The morning after a massive explosion at the Fort Worth Signature Sandman Hotel, officials confirmed that 21 blast victims were taken to area hospitals. Four of these individuals suffered serious injuries and one more patient is listed in critical condition. The remaining Fort Worth explosion victims are said to have suffered less significant injuries, but nonetheless required medical aid and intervention.

The names of the nearly two dozen victims of the Fort Worth Signature Sandman Hotel explosion have not yet been released to the press or public, pending notification of family members. As of the morning following the explosion, which occurred at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, January 8, 2024, no fatalities have been reported.

As of Tuesday morning, search and rescue efforts at the scene of the Fort Worth hotel explosion are continuing. Specially trained dogs have been brought to the site to aid in the search and rescue operation. As of mid-morning, no additional victims have been found at the scene. In addition, no information has been provided in regard to whether or how many missing individuals exist.

Cause of Fort Worth Signature Sandman Hotel Explosion Under Investigation

As of the morning after the blast, the cause of the Sandman Hotel explosion has not been officially confirmed and announced by officials. What is known as the investigation progresses:

  • Emergency responders report that a strong smell of natural gas was present at the scene of the explosion upon their arrival.
  • A restaurant within the hotel building was under construction at the time of the explosion. While no definitive determination has been made in regard to the cause of the blast, the focus of the investigation appears to be narrowing to the area in the structure where the restaurant buildout was occurring.
  • With that said, despite evidence that a focal point of the investigation is the area under construction, officials also are considering potential issues associated with the explosion in the basement of the hotel.
  • Federal investigators have announced that no criminality appears to have been involved in this Fort Worth explosion, including any type of terrorist activity.

With these points made, it is anticipated that investigators likely will be able to confirm the underlying cause of the Sandman Hotel explosion within the coming day.

Natural gas was supplied to the hotel by Atmos Energy, a company which provides utility services to the surrounding properties as well. A spokesperson for Atmos Energy advised that technicians from the company are at the scene of the explosion, at the request of the Fort Worth Fire Department. According the spokesperson, Kristin Goodspeed:

Gas has been isolated to the affected area, and we will continue to assist the Fort Worth Fire and Police Departments and all officials in support of their investigation.

Multiple Neighboring Buildings Damaged in Large Blast Zone

The powerful Sandman Hotel explosion created a broad blast zone in which multiple buildings in the vicinity of the property were damaged. Indeed, buildings of different types a number of blocks surrounding the Signature Sandman Hotel suffered damages that include blown-out windows and other structural harm. The actual extent of this damage is not yet quantified. In addition, there is little available information at this time regarding individuals that may have been injured elsewhere in the blast zone, beyond those individuals taken from the Sandman Hotel itself to area hospitals.

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