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Fort Worth Sandman Hotel Explosion Injures at Least 11 People

Posted on January 8, 2024 in

A powerful explosion ripped through the Fort Worth Sandman Hotel on Thursday afternoon, injuring at least 11 people. The injured individuals have been rushed to Fort Worth hospitals, with one Sandman Hotel explosion victim listed in critical condition, two others in serious condition, with the status of the remaining hospitalized people now known at this time.

The cause of the formidable Fort Worth explosion has not been confirmed. Early speculation from people at the scene, including some first responders, is that the major blast was a natural gas explosion, perhaps from pipelines serving the hotel and surrounding buildings.

Officials and eyewitnesses report that the plume of smoke currently rises above downtown high-rise buildings in the area. A significant amount of debris was propelled not only in the direct vicinity of the Sandman Hotel explosion but has landed on the grounds of Fort Worth City Hall.

Directly after the massive downtown Fort Worth explosion, pedestrians near the hotel at the time of the blast reported people rushing from the hotel, with bloody faces and extremities. Other individuals were carried out of the Sandman hotel on stretchers with the aid and assistance of emergency medical personnel.

Fort Worth Sandman Hotel Explosion Hearkens Back to Tragic Blast in 1979

The Monday, January 8, 2024, Sandman Hotel explosion is not the first time a Fort Worth hotel with this name experienced a truly tragic blast. Another Sandman Hotel explosion occurred on March 15, 1979. That deadly blast had a truly lasting impact on Fort Worth, its residents, and businesses. The 1979 Sandman Hotel explosion was caused by a natural gas leak in the hotel’s basement. The gas leak went undetected, leading to the buildup of explosive gas within the basement and elsewhere in the structure.

The blast resulted in the collapse of the hotel’s west wing, causing extensive damage. The force of the explosion was so powerful that it caused the building to crumble and collapse in on itself.
Seven people lost their lives in the explosion, and dozens more were injured. The victims included hotel guests, staff members, and emergency responders who were on the scene.

The incident led to significant changes in building and safety codes in Fort Worth. As a result of this tragedy, stricter regulations were put in place to prevent similar accidents in the future. At least as of this moment in time, today’s Sandman Hotel explosion has not had the same extent of losses that occurred over 40 years ago.

Investigation Commences into Cause of Sandman Hotel Explosion

Although officials have provided little information regarding the underlying cause of Monday’s Hotel Sandman explosion, an investigation started directly after the blast. A number of governmental agencies on the local, state, and federal levels will take part in the investigation into the cause of the explosion. More information is expected to be forthcoming by Tuesday morning.

Monitoring the Fort Worth Sandman Hotel Explosion

The Doan Law Firm in Fort Worth is monitoring the developments on the scene of the Fort Worth Sandman Hotel explosion. We will keep you posted on the state of affairs on the ground. If you have any questions or concerns about the blast, our Fort Worth Explosion accident lawyer team is available to you any time of the day or night and can be reached at (817) 935-0000.

Our Fort Worth explosion accident lawyer team has extensive experience working with victims of incidents like that which occurred downtown at and around the Sandman Hotel today. Keep in mind that there is no cost whatsoever for consulting with a Doan Law Firm Forth Worth explosion accident lawyer. Indeed, our firm makes an attorney pledge: Our firm never charges an attorney fee unless we win your case for you.

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