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Explosion Accident Lawsuit Timeline: What To Expect For Your Case

Posted on June 14, 2021 in

Injuries caused by explosions are often severe, and victims can struggle to recover the compensation they are entitled to. This is particularly true if the insurance carriers and legal teams of those involved push back hard against making large settlements. If an explosion accident lawsuit becomes necessary, victims need to know how long this process will take. At the Doan Law Firm, our team wants to take a moment to explain the explosion accident lawsuit timeline so that you have a better understanding of what will happen moving forward with your case.

This Timeline Will be Different Than a Typical Personal Injury Claim

When most people think of personal injury lawsuit timelines, they think of incidents like car accidents or slip and fall incidents. However, explosion accidents are a different matter altogether. What we mean by this is that injury victims have to be prepared for a more lengthy process if their case cannot be resolved through a settlement with insurance carriers.

The explosion accident lawsuit timeline will be drawn out by the simple fact that there will be so many parties involved in these cases. This includes:

  • The injury victims (often, these are mass casualty incidents)
  • Employers
  • Plant owners or operators
  • The manufacturers of equipment
  • Insurance carriers of all parties
  • Legal teams for every party
  • Federal and state regulators/investigators
  • …and more

Needless to say, this is not going to be like a typical personal injury case. There will likely be extensive negotiations between injury victims and insurance carriers before a personal injury lawsuit is filed. These negotiations can take months or even more than a year to conclude. If the insurance carriers and legal teams refuse to offer a fair settlement to the injury victims, it will be necessary for the victims to file a personal injury lawsuit against the alleged negligent party.

The Lawsuit Process

Without going into too much detail about the actual personal injury lawsuit process for an explosion case, we will say that these claims involve the following:

The vast majority of explosion accident cases that make it to the lawsuit process will still be settled before an actual trial becomes necessary. However, the discovery phase and continued negotiations can take years to reach a conclusion. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case will be scheduled for trial. An injury victim will have to wait for the case to come upon the docket. Again, it can take quite a while for this to happen

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