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The Explosion Accident Lawsuit Process

Posted on June 21, 2021 in

Anytime a person sustains an injury caused by the carelessness or negligence of another individual or entity, they should be entitled to compensation for their losses. This is true for explosion accidents as well. However, explosion injury lawsuits can become complicated, often due to the sheer number of individuals and entities involved in the process. Here, the Doan Law Firm wants to explain the explosion accident lawsuit process so that you and your family have a better understanding of what to expect moving forward.

How is This Process Different?

Many people wonder whether or not the lawsuit process for an explosion case will be different from the lawsuit process for other personal injury cases, such as car accidents or premises liability claims. In theory, the process is similar. However, the reality is that explosion accident cases are much more complicated by the fact that so many different individuals and entities will be involved. This can include injury victims, insurance carriers, legal teams, employers, state and federal regulators, and more.

The explosion accident lawsuit process may take more time to complete than the lawsuit process for more typical personal injury claims. We want individuals to be aware of this as they go into these cases so that they know what to expect moving forward.

What is the Process for an Explosion Accident Claim?

There are various steps involved in an explosion accident lawsuit, and we will briefly explain these steps here:

  1. The injury victim will hire an attorney. Because of the complexity of explosion accident cases, victims in these situations absolutely need to have an attorney by their side to handle the entire claim. An attorney will be able to walk injury victims through every step of the process.
  2. A complaint is filed and served on the defendant. After establishing a legitimate case, the injury victim’s attorney will file a complaint in civil court. A complaint is the first step in the personal injury lawsuit process and will lay out in broad detail what the victim is alleging.
  3. The discovery process. The defendant (at-fault party) will secure their own attorney, and the discovery phase of the explosion accident lawsuit process will begin. This is the time when both parties will investigate the incident and exchange information with one another. As the discovery process proceeds, both sides will schedule depositions of opposing witnesses and the opposing party. These are question-and-answer sessions given under oath. The discovery process and occasional court appearances can take months or even years to play out.
  4. Possible mediation. In some cases, both parties may be ordered time to undergo mediation in an effort to reach a settlement before a trial becomes necessary.
  5. The trial. If no settlement can be reached between the parties involved, the personal injury trial will be scheduled. This is when both sides will have a chance to argue their case to the personal injury jury.
  6. The verdict. After hearing the evidence and listening to witnesses, a personal injury jury will decide whether or not the defendant is guilty of causing the injuries to the plaintiff. If they determine that the defendant is guilty, they will also determine how much money the plaintiff should be awarded.

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