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Wisconsin Industrial Explosion Injures Six

Posted on May 20, 2022 in

A catastrophic explosion at the Summerset Marine Construction facility in Eagle, Wisconsin, has injured at least six people. The injury victims include three people who have been classified as civilians together with three firefighters. The explosion that resulted in a massive blaze occurred between 7:30 and 8:00 Thursday morning (May 19, 2022). The cause of this latest Wisconsin industrial explosion has not yet been determined.

When firefighters were heading to Summerset Marine Construction, additional explosions reportedly were heard at the facility. This is indicative of the presence of some sort of explosive material or materials at the site. Again, no information is yet available regarding the underlying case of the Summerset Marine Construction explosion and fire.

Who Was Injured by the Explosions?

None of the names of injured individuals have been released to the press or the public as of Thursday night. There has been no confirmation as of Thursday evening as to whether the injured civilians were workers from the Summerset Marine Construction facility or members of the public at large. The assumption is that the three injured civilians are associated with the Summerset Marine Construction facility in some manner, either as employees or contract workers.

How Did Local Authorities Respond to the Emergency?

The explosion and resulting fire resulted in a five-alarm response from local firefighters. Despite the prompt response, firefighters had significant issues battling the blaze throughout the course of the day. Three reasons exist which have made fighting the Summerset Marine Construction fire a herculean task:

  • The roof of the Summerset Marine Construction plant building collapsed, limiting access to the primary source of the fire.
  • There are no fire hydrants in the immediate vicinity of the Summerset Marine Construction plant.
  • Water has needed to be trucked into the site of the Summerset Marine Construction explosion and fire, a task that is both cumbersome and time consuming.

The explosion and resulting fire generated a huge and rapidly spreading plume of thick black smoke. Throughout the day, officials indicated that they did not believe that the plume of smoke contained contaminants that would prove harmful to human beings. Nonetheless, the same officials recommended a voluntary evacuation of all people within a one-mile radius of the Summerset Marine Construction facility.

Directly after the tremendous blast, a nearby elementary school was ordered to be evacuated. Nearly three hundred students at Eagle Elementary School were evacuated from their location to another school believed to be out of the zone of danger created by the explosion and fire.

Eagle is located about 30 minutes from Milwaukee. Summerset Marine Construction builds piers and docks at its Eagle plant. These products are used widely throughout the state of Wisconsin.

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