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What Does the Chemical Safety Board Do?

Posted on May 31, 2022 in

The Chemical Safety Board, sometimes referred to as the CSB, is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government. The Chemical Safety Board is responsible for investigating industrial chemical accidents.

Chemical Safety Board Investigations

Typically, an investigation into an industrial accident takes somewhere between six to 12 months. An investigation conceivable can take a longer time as warranted by the facts and circumstances of a particular chemical accident or industrial accident that occurred in Texas.

When an industrial accident occurs, the Chemical Safety Board dispatches a cohort of investigators and other experts to research into what took place at the scene of an incident. Typically, other federal investigators as well as professionals from state and local agencies may a play role in a Chemical Safety Board investigation.

Search for Root Causes of Certain Industrial Accidents

The Chemical Safety Board is charged by law with investigating the root causes of certain types of industrial accidents. High on the list of assigned responsibilities of the Chemical Safety Board is to investigate the root causes of specific types of industrial accidents. These include:

Investigation of Significant Industrial Accidents

Since its formation in 1998, the Chemical Safety Board has overseen the investigation of some of the most horrendous industrial accidents that have occurred in the country. These investigations include those involving (in chronological order):

  • Texas City Refinery explosion
  • Xcel Energy Cabin Creek Hydroelectric Plant fire
  • Port Wentworth Imperial Sugar Plant explosion
  • Deepwater Horizon explosion
  • Chevron Refinery Explosion
  • West Texas Fertilizer fire and explosion

Two of six of these major chemical accidents occurred in the state of Texas. One – Deepwater Horizon – happened in the Gulf of Mexico and impacted the people and businesses of the Lone Star State.

Actions by the Chemical Safety Board

The Chemical Safety Board has somewhat limited authority when it comes to the aftermath of the agency’s investigation. By this it is meant that unlike the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, and similar regulatory and enforcement agencies, the Chemical Safety Board lacks the authority to fine a business or impose other sanctions in the aftermath of some sort of industrial accident. However, the Chemical Safety Board does have the legal ability to refer information following an investigation to another governmental agency for further action, including the doling out of punishment and sanctions. For example, following an investigation into a chemical accident, the board might make a referral to OSHA for further action.

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