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Is it Safe to Live Near a Chemical Plant?

Posted on December 3, 2021 in

If you live near a chemical plant, does this mean that your health and the health of your loved ones are at risk? The reality is that living near any type of industrial or chemical plant can lead to significant risks that you may or may not be aware of. These risks include exposure to water or air contamination as well as risks related to various types of explosions. Here, we want to go into the risks of the chemical industry to those who live near these plants.

The Chemical Industry and Safety to the Surrounding Areas

Chemicals are in nearly every product that we use. This includes tangible products like our plates and cups as well as the foods and beverages we consume. Chemicals are used in the plastics that make our vehicles and our electronics. Chemicals are inescapable.

However, what about those who live near chemical plants? Are they safe?

Exposure to chemicals that leak into the ground and water supply, or that escape into the atmosphere, has been known to:

  • Increase the risk of individuals developing cancer
  • Increase the number of birth defects in a community
  • Place residents at a higher risk of explosion incidents

In addition to the human concerns related to living near a chemical plant, we must also take into account the environment. Communities are more than just the people. Communities are also the plant life and animal life in the surrounding areas. Environmental agencies and activists claim that all who live near a chemical plant could be put at risk of contamination and disease exposure.

Chemical Plant Explosions

Aside from long-term exposure to chemicals in areas surrounding a chemical plant, one of the most obvious and immediate risks of living near a chemical plant is an explosion. Many chemical plants work with extremely volatile chemicals. These chemicals must be handled with care at all times period

However, chemical plant explosions can occur in a wide variety of ways. The poor maintenance of equipment or the negligence of one worker could set off a chain reaction of events that lead to a major explosion. Unfortunately, those who work inside of a chemical plant and those who work and live nearby the plant would have nearly no warning about an impending explosion.

Chemical plant explosions can lead to significant injuries caused by both the initial blast, the fire that can occur after the blast, as well as major chemical exposure issues. Some of the most common injuries caused by a chemical plant explosion include burns, internal organ damage, and acoustic trauma.

What Should You Do if You Are Injured Due to Chemical Plant Exposure?

If you or somebody you care about has been injured as a result of chemical plant exposure or an explosion at a chemical plant, you need to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer can get involved quickly and conduct a complete investigation into the incident. They will gather any evidence necessary to determine exactly what happened.

Please do not underestimate how challenging these cases can be. Chemical plant owners and operators will likely have extensive resources to use to prevent them from having to pay out compensation in these situations. When an attorney gets involved, they will use their own resources to stand up to the at-fault party in order to recover the compensation necessary for their client.

As a chemical plant exposure or explosion victim, you may be entitled to various types of compensation, including coverage of medical bills, lost wages, property damage expenses, pain and suffering damages, and other financial damages caused by the injuries. Contact a chemical plant explosion attorney in Houston at The Doan Law Firm for your free consultation.