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INEOS Chemical Plant Explosion Raises Spector of Toxic Contamination in Houston Area

Posted on March 22, 2023 in

At Least One Worker Injured in Pasadena Chemical Plant Accident

Fire crews are engaged in a pitch battle to extinguish an intense blaze following what appears to be an INEOS chemical plant explosion, according to the Harris County Fire Marshal. At least one injured worker has been transported to a Houston-area hospital as a result of the INEOS chemical plant explosion. The INEOS Pasadena plant is one of the largest chemical facilities in the United States, producing a variety of chemicals including propylene, ethylene, and benzene.

In the direct aftermath of what does appear to be an explosion, the precise cause of the fire has not yet been determined. With that said, preliminary considerations suggest that the INEOS plant fire started as the result of a pipeline explosion.

Harris County HazMat Heads to Scene of INEOS Chemical Plant Explosion

Harris County HazMat has been dispatched to the scene of the INEOS chemical plant explosion. As the huge fire rages, a massive and potentially toxic black smoke plume is rising above the Pasadena, Texas site. Precise information is not yet available on the types of chemicals manufactured at this INEOS plant about 20 minutes from the Houston city center.

The INEOS chemical plant explosion and yet-to-be contained fire has caused the closure of:

  • Houston Ship Channel Bridge
  • East Beltway 8
  • Highway 225

There is no indication as to how long these closures will remain in place.

As of early afternoon, no stay in place or evacuation order had been issued as a result of the explosion, fire, and smoke plume spreading away from the plant site. The possibility does exist that a stay in place directive or evacuation order may issue at some juncture once a determination has been made by Harris County HazMat in regard to the chemical contents of the smoke plume emanating from the INEOS chemical plant accident.

Previous Explosions at INEOS Texas Chemical Plants

The latest INEOS chemical plant explosion is a stark reminder of the hazards that come with the production and handling of chemicals. This is the second INEOS chemical plant explosion in Texas in the past 18 months. The last incident of this nature occurred in La Porte. On the early morning of June 15th, 2021, an explosion occurred at the INEOS chemical plant in that city. The explosion led to the death of two employees and injured several others. That incident has caused a significant impact on the community and raised concerns about the safety of chemical plants.

The La Porte INEOS explosion was smaller and contained far more quickly than what is occurring in Pasadena at this time. The Chemical Safety Board launched an investigation into the La Porte blast and is expected to do so in regard to the current situation in Pasadena.

Another explosion at the Pasadena INEOS chemical plant occurred in late 2019. That incident raised concerns about the safety of chemical plants and the need for stronger regulations to protect workers and the environment which continue to this day. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched an investigation into that incident and was sad to have worked with INEOS to improve safety measures at the Pasadena plant and other facilities.

Overview of INEOS Chemical Plant Operations

INEOS describes its chemical plant operations at its website:

INEOS is a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and oil products which are supplied by our 36 separate businesses. These products form the basis of industries that touch much of our daily life – from medicines to mobile phones; agriculture to automotive; construction to technology and textiles. Even the components essential for renewable energy.

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